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"Whether you’ve heard her music digitally or you’ve been able to see Kimes live, her rafter-reaching vocals juxtaposed against her tender and intricate songwriting is enough to leave you thinking that maybe MTSU really does harbor stars."
-LB Rogers for MTSU Sidelines

"Wherever Kimes ends up laying her hat in the end—or whether she ends up taking on the role of a true blue modern-day troubadour—her magical music will have no issue finding an audience."
-Jonathan Frahm For Folk's Sake

"Apothecary is, overall, a collection of six songs drenched in a nostalgic charm and easy-going, infectious charisma. It drips through each layer of production, from the clarity of its sound engineering to the clear passion that has gone into the instrumental and vocal performances dusting each corner of the EP’s runtime."
-Jonathan Frahm For Folk's Sake

"After hearing Kimes' ruminant lyrics, it becomes clear as to why so many in attendance found themselves singing along: Each successive song is rife with relatable, yet singular sentiment."

-Hayden Goodridge for MTSU Sidelines (Album Release Show)

"Medicine Man" The Video

"Singer-songwriter Chloe Kimes debuts her first music video, "Medicine Man", a visual accompaniment to the earnest folk ballad from her recent EP, Apothecary."

-Jonathan Frahm for PopMatters


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