Americana singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chloe Kimes resides among the next generation of folk-singing troubadours with a restless honesty in her poignant tune, capturing audiences at first approach. The Michigan native has been writing and performing for over ten years with early origins in touring around the Michigan folk scene through various projects. She relocated to the Nashville area to study songwriting and now, with a degree in Recording Industry and Songwriting, she pulls influence from the flourishing Bluegrass/Americana community in her Nashville home, as well as from her backwoods upbringing and Michigan roots. Always inspired by the local artists she grew up watching and playing alongside, her organic sincerity is sure to capture and fill her listener’s heart.



From an early age, Chloe Kimes has felt most understood through music. Growing up in Scottville, Michigan with her songwriting father, she has always been surrounded by it. Chloe first picked up the guitar around age 10, learning a few chords from her dad, and started writing songs shortly after. She was hooked.


When she entered high school, she began writing more and soon joined a folk trio, which led her in and out of venues around Michigan playing and writing songs alongside other local and touring acts. After almost three years of making a name for herself in the Michigan folk scene, she formed a duo with her younger sister, Olivia. Singing in sweet harmony, the pair spent two summers touring around the Michigan Mitten before Chloe packed up for her next stop. Her passion for performing and the art of writing songs led her to Murfreesboro, Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University and study commercial songwriting. Currently, as a Recording Industry student, Chloe soaks up knowledge about the music industry and the craft of songwriting, while writing, performing, and recording with many local artists. She has also brought her Michigan folk influence, from artists like Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys and May Erlewine, into the Americana sounds of Middle Tennessee.


The conglomeration of new territory and collaborations with other musicians has led Chloe to making a 6-song EP. She calls it “Apothecary,” because the group of songs chosen for her debut record are also a collection of personal cures, written as remedies to the quandaries of life. Chloe Kimes is an Americana singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who brings an honesty to the stage that captivates audiences at first approach. Her restless and poignant lyrics and sweet melodies blend to form a unique musical experience that can be found nowhere else.