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Hey Mr. Medicine Man

There’s change in my purse, could you please read my hand

I’ve been wondering how long it’s gunna take

For a heart to finally heal from a break

And I’ve got a question to ask

If I paid you enough, could you bring back the past

Could I get another moment of his time

Could I change his mind?


Hey Mr. Medicine Man

Do you make a potion for giving a damn

Could we slip it in somebody’s drink

Cause he just doesn’t care what I think

And then I’ll take something for me

The strongest whatever to help me get free

From these chains that I keep on myself

Say, could you help?


Medicine Man looked me dead in my eyes, he said

Who do you think that I am child?

I am not your savior, I am not a God

And these things they work on their own time

You can’t erase them in a day

Can’t drink them away


Hey Mr. Medicine Man

I’m sorry for thinking that it’s in our hands

I guess someday I’ll find it myself

Thanks for the help

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